WAYNE L. COWDREY is related to Oliver Cowdery, who was Joseph Smith’s cousin and chief scribe during the production of the Book of Mormon. As it turns out, Oliver’s grandfather, William Cowdery Sr., was Wayne’s uncle, six times removed.

Wayne’s curiosity about Oliver’s involvement in the production of the Book of Mormon initially led him to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but after discussing the facts supporting the Spalding Enigma with Howard Davis and others, he left the Church.  In 1975, he teamed up with them to co-author the 1977 book, Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?, published by Vision House, Santa Ana, CA.

Wayne’s persistent research and his more than forty year association with Howard Davis and Arthur Vanick resulted in the 2005 book, Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon? – The Spalding Enigma, published by Concordia Publishing House.  Since then, Wayne has joined Howard and Art in several radio interviews.

Wayne lives in Orange County,  CA.

HOWARD A. DAVIS, Th.D. is an author, lecturer, holistic health consultant, Bible instructor, and corporate executive. As a co-author of the 1977 work Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon?, and an expert on the Spalding Enigma for over forty years, Howard has made numerous lecture and media appearances on the subject. Like his associate Wayne Cowdrey, Howard has endured both threats of violence and an assassination attempt– q.v. Moody Monthly Magazine, Nov. 1977, pp.10-11 for the story.

Howard is involved in the holistic health industry. He is also a  recognized expert on certain aspects of criminology, and is the author of the controversial book The Zodiac-Manson Connection, (Costa Mesa, CA: Pen Power, 1997).

Dr. Howard A. Davis is presently employed as vice president of research and development for a skin-care therapy corporation.

ARTHUR D. VANICK is a computer graphics expert and multi-media producer.  He worked in the aerospace industry for fifteen years where he was employed in a highly classified area in support of the national defense.  He met Howard and Wayne in 1975 and helped research and edit their 1977 book.  In 1993, he contacted Howard and Wayne about resuming the investigation of the Spalding Enigma.  He currently acts as spokesperson for the group.  Art has done many radio interviews and public appearances on behalf of his co-authors and the book. He resides in Manhattan Beach with his wife, Cheryl.